How Much Money Will I Make?

You will earn a 80% residual income on all memberships that are made from your Adult website. (Memberships are $29.95 per month per member) This includes new members and members who automatically renew monthly. You will get paid for both, weekly by check or by direct deposit via your bank account. See payout for more details on how much money you can earn!

This is the first question that we always get asked. The answer is that it totally depends upon what you put into running your business. If you buy a site and you don't do anything to promote it, you aren't going to make any money at all. If you work at promoting your site then you can make a whole lot of money. We will even tell you the best ways to promote and make money with your site. The more time and money that you spend on promoting your site... the more money you are going to make. After 3-5 months you could be earning $5,000-$20,000 per month or more.

What is the cost of setting up and
maintaining a website?

The cost for one turnkey adult website is only $395 for a one-time setup fee. We also have discounted special when you order a combo adult website package which will contain multiple sites. Combo sites give you even greater income potential! When you become an Adult website owner with you'll receive the many features and benefits of our package.

Once payment is made for the website package your only other cost will be $49 per month fee which includes: hosting, maintenance/weekly updates of the members content, and full marketing support by phone and email. The first month of hosting is included in the price of the one-time setup fee, and the montlhy fee reoccurs and begins after 30 days. Their are no long term commitments. Should you desire, you may cancel your website with us anytime. You will still get paid on all existing members who continue to renew and the website and domain name we reserve on your behalf is yours.

Their are absolutely no other costs or hidden fees associated in operating your adult turnkey website with us. If you decide to purchase any of our advertising packages, or other marketing services those will be additional and can be budgeted according to your needs.

How much should I budget for advertising,
and what are the associated costs?

The great thing about owning an adult website is that you can make money on any budget! You can even make money without spending money on advertising. You can then take those profits and expand your advertising as your residual income grows from new members who join your adult website and renewals of existing members.We've outlined the various costs so you can get an idea of what is involved in market your adult website.

Your costs will vary depending on the types of promotions you do. You can effectively market your adult website for free by getting links on other adult websie sites, and placing free adult classifieds. For paid advertising, you can get guaranteed visitor packages starting at $189 for 10,000 visitors. That promotion would last for 30 days of traffic. For search engine placement and keywords, you can open an account with one of the adult search engine companies we work with for $25 and get targeted traffic for as little as .05 per click. As you earn revenue, you will increase your advertising. We give all clients 100% support and assistance with marketing your site.

You will be given full instruction on marketing you adult website, with full access to our proprietary adult marketing center available to you 24/7 when we setup you account.

We offer both FREE advertising, and low cost paid advertising. You will have access to ALL of our resources in our Adult Website Owners Area.

Here is a short breakdown so you can get an idea on advertising costs, and the various methods:

Free Advertising

Banners / Text Links / Pop-up Exchanges
Reciprocal Links with other adult sites
Submssiont to Adult Image Thumbnail Gallery Posts

Paid Advertising

Here are just some of the special advertising package offers you'll receive once you become a website owner - that will jump start your marketing!

Guaranteed Visitor Adult Packages:
  • Starting at 10,000 visitors for $189
  • 25,000 visitors for $325
  • Click on the link above for more details and addiitonal campaign sizes.
Search Engine Adult Promotion Package:
  • $250 full submission to over 2,000 search engines and directories
Combo Advertising Packages:
  • Includes Guaranteed Visitors and Web Submission Promotion Package. Starting at $489 for 25,000 visitors and Web Submission Gold.
Combo Advertising Packages:
  • Includes Guaranteed Visitors and Web Submission Promotion Package. Starting at $489 for 25,000 visitors and Web Submission Gold.
Search Engine Adult Keywords:
  • Search Engine Adult Keywords (deposit $25, get traffic for as low as .01 per click) Some of the search engine companies that our clients work with:, Google Adwords,, Pleasure Spank,,, and
Email Targeted Adult Permissiaon Marketing:
  • Email Targeted Adult Permission Marketing (.01-.05 per email)
Are Adult websites legal?

Yes! They are 100% legal.

Is a business license required?

Business licenses are not required to start your own business, nor is a license required to operate an adult website.

How do I know how much money I am making,
and how much traffic my website is getting?

Keeping track of your websites activity is very important, and we are serious about giving you all the tools you need to be successful. You'll get state-of-the-art online tracking tools which is updated in real-time so you can monitor all traffic to your website, as well as your websites sales, and monthly renewals. Online statistics are provided for you 24 hours per day. You'll be able to login with your own user name and password. Our stats show you exactly how much money you're making, and gives you insight to your marketing success.

When do I get paid, and how often do you pay
me for my websites sales and renewals?

We pay you four times a month by check or direct deposit! Commissions are sent WEEKLY every Monday for the 2 week prior period. For more details on your payout specifics, click here.

How much maintenance is required?

We create your adult website to run with ZERO maintenance - that's why it's called "turnkey". It's been designed to run itself, you do the marketing and we provide full support. All of our adult websites are programmed to run with no assistance from you -- the site owner. We update everything and keep you members area content fresh. This ensures that members renew their membership to your site. Your website's adult content is updated weekly by our company so you don't have to!

Can I update my adult website content? Can I add pages, links,
buttons, and banners? Can I change the price of the membership?

With our Turnkey Package -  Members content, or third party content cannot be added. Our adult website is completely turnkey. Our job is to keep your members content area fresh, we update that weekly for you - so their is no need for you to shoot vidoes or worrying about content since we are handling that 100% for you automaticaly.

Although not necessary, you can update your website yourself and have control over the HTML should you desire.This includes full FTP access so you can upload your own HTML, banners, buttons, etc.

Keep in mind that the members area content is maintained by us only, so you won't need, nor will you be given access to change the adult content that your members see, we do that all for you.

With our Semi Custom Adult Website Package -  Your content can be added to your site! This package includes all the same great features of our Turnkey Package + the ability to upload your own videos and photos using an easy to use administrative login. So if you'd like to add your own content anytime to the site it can be done with this package. All Semi Custom Adult Website Packages use our profitable Mega Tube Design style which can be loaded with your own content and ours if you'd like additional videos and photos.

We set the price of all memberships for the adult website membership fee based on market demand, and competitiveness. You may not modify the price since we continuously maintain an optimal pricing strategy which maximizes revenue and which is in our clients best interest. If you should wish to adjust the price, we can accomodate this with out Semi Custom Adult Website Package.

Can you assist me in choosing a domain name
for my website?

If you need assistance in selecting your Adult website name and domain name click here, you'll see a list of the current available domain names. Please keep in mind, these names are available on a first come first serve basis!

Also, we will gladly help you! Just contact us when you're ready to order - and we'll secure your name quickly for you:, or call us at (888) 363-2829.

I already have an adult domain name registered, can I still
use it with the Adult website package?

Yes. If you already have an adult domain name registered and you'd like to use it with our adult website package we will gladly do that for you. We will create your website, and host it for you. Just leave the technical stuff up to us, we have experienced developers who will get your website running quickly.

If you don't have a domain name, don't worry - we will register one on your behalf to use with our program. To check the availability of domain name, click here. We can also assist you in choosing one, just contact us when you're ready to order.

I'm ready to order. How do I purchase an
Adult website package?

We accept online credit card payments (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover) - this is the fastest way to get started. You can also print out the order form, and send us a check or money order by mail. You may also contact us by phone to place an order at (888) 363-2829. We will contact you as soon as you're order is processed and you'll be setup quickly. Need help ordering? Ordering is 1-2-3, click here for more details.

How long does it take to get setup once you
receive my order?

It takes 2-3 business days to get your Adult website up and running. We will contact you as soon as your site is active. You can begin promoting your website and making money immediately!

Did we answer all your questions?

If you have further quesions before ordering, please call us toll free now at: (888) 363-2829 (US) or (800) 267-0127 (Canada) or contact us via email.