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Every Adult website owner will receive complete support on exactly how to best promote your adult website. Whether you have no experience or some experience online we can work with you, and show you the ropes. We don't beat around the bush! We know what makes our clients money, we know what works best! This includes proven methods to effectively acquire and retain members at your adult website/s. We give each and every owner complete access to our proprietary Marketing Center which will give you all the resources you need to promote your Adult website on and offline.

This level of support ensures you learn the in-and-outs of the adult business as our ongoing advice to you will make you successful. We are not in the business of selling you websites! We are in the business of making our clients MONEY. Always remember - When you make money so do we, as we are completely vested in your success! We always go the extra mile!

Our Real-Time Tracking Stats will give you stats 24/7 so you can stay up to date and monitor your websites earnings, and performance all the time. We have among the best reporting and marketing tools in the adult industry! With 17 years experience you can't go wrong.

No previous marketing experience is needed as we will guide you through the entire marketing process. Once you get people to your website, your turnkey website does all the work - making you money 24/7.

Whether you're an Adult website owner, or representing several adult websites, or you share a common goal - traffic, and lots of it. Through our relationships we bring offer comprehensive and affordable marketing solutions. We've been successfully helping others over the past five years. With our extensive database of over 5 million targeted adult website surfers spanning our website directories, you will have a wide range of campaign options with us. From targeted linking to website banners, we will help you come up with a plan that meets your marketing needs. We have affordable & comprehensive marketing packages that your Adult website can utilize, including search engine optimization, enewsletter design, and animated banners.

We utilize the current technological advances in this quickly growing industry which offers each client cutting-edge approaches to bringing in unprecedented & high quality traffic to your website/s.

** You will be given full instruction on marketing you adult website, with our adult owners marketing section, available to you 24/7 as soon as we setup your account.

We offer both FREE advertising, and low cost paid advertising. You will have access to ALL of our resources in our proprietary Adult Website Owners Area.

Screen shot of the Owner's Markdeting Center:
PLUS your SECRET WEAPON, and why our clients choose us 9 times out of 10 over other companies - We give you one-on-one phone and email support and guidance that's unmatched in the business!
Here is a short breakdown so you can get an idea on the advertising options we will assist you with, and the various methods of promotion:
Free Advertising
  • Banner Links / Text Links
  • Adult Pop-up Exchanges
  • Reciprocal Links with other adult sites
  • Submit to Adult TGP Image Galleries
  • Adult Forums / Adult Blogs, Adult Chat Rooms
Paid Advertising
Search Engine Adult Keywords (deposit $25, get traffic for as low as .05 per click) Some of the search engine companies that our clients work with:, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Pleasure Spank, and
Online Marketing

We can place your Adult website on each of the top adult directories to achieve maximum results for your campaign. Want more? We can place your ads on our foreign adult directories as well, giving you 100% global exposure if you prefer. Whatever your marketing needs, we have the or can find you the solution.

ROI Reporting

ROI (Return On Investment) is easily trackable with each of our campaigns. We will send you weekly reports analyzing each creative in our campaign with you, in terms of total clicks, impressions, and a click-through percentage.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing allows us to track and monitor your advertising campaigns in detail and modify them at a moment's notice. Unlike other advertising companies, you won't have to wait for weeks or months for decisions to be made.

Creative Planning

Want a complete advertising package? Our graphics team can design your website banners for you, in Flash or regular animated GIF format. Let us help you design your entire campaign.

Banner Advertising

All owners receive free banners which they can use for their campaigns. We give you access to an vast array of sites that you can advertise your Adult website on for maximum promotion, for FREE as well as for paid placements. You'll receive over 20 banners FREE with your package.

Search Engine Marketing

Your placement in search engines is no longer a mystery. With the advent of pay-per-click search engines like Google, Yahoo, Miva marketers can now purchase keywords on a pay-per-click basis, only paying for targeted visitors who have searched for a particular keyword. Generally the more you pay, the higher and more visible placement you will get in the search engines. Prices start from only .05 per click for many Adult related keywords.

Strategic Planning

Want one-giant blast of traffic, or a steady stream? Do you prefer certain countries? How about age ranges? Our optin databases contain the specific demographics you need! Through a combination of newsletters and specially designed creatives, we will expand upon your normal website campaign for maximum results.

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